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Critical Diseases

Critical Diseases

Unlike life insurance, which is purchased for beneficiaries, this policy is acquired for use by the policyholder who survives a critical disease.​

This policy provides total payment per diagnosis if the policyholder suffers a critical disease covered and described in the policy. The customer may select the plan that best suits his or her needs:

​Critical Diseases Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Cancer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heart Attack No Yes Yes Yes
Stroke No Yes Yes Yes
Artery Surgery No Yes Yes Yes
Renal Failure No No Yes Yes
Blindness No No Yes Yes
Multiple Sclerosis No No No Yes
Paralysis No No No Yes
Deafness No No No Yes

Limits available from $10,000 to $50,000.

Some of the advantages offered by this policy are:

  • The policyholders may placate their monetary concerns when they cannot work; for example: payment of home care, medical treatment, deductibles, etc.
  • The policyholders will be the main beneficiaries. In most cases, people who survive a critical disease lack the money to defray the recommended and necessary services.
  • The policyholders use their money as they see fit.

For more information, please see our brochure.

Download document in Spanish (PDF, 340 KB)

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