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Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

This focuses on the employer’s protecting the employees’ family members.

MAPFRE LIFE underwrites the selected Life Insurance option. Life benefits may be established by providing basic coverages in Classes, Positions, or multiple salaries of the work force.

The Life Insurance benefit also includes coverage for Accidental Death, which provides a double compensation benefit of the basic coverage.

Accidental Dismemberment is an additional part of the Life Insurance package, a compensation equal to 50% of the basic benefit for the accidental loss of a limb or 100% for the loss of 2 limbs.

The Common Carrier clause in the Life Insurance benefit provides three times the payment of the basic benefit in the event that the insured employee dies while he or she is a passenger on a public transportation system.

Life Insurance Optional Benefit

The Life Insurance Optional Benefit may be offered to employees under a basic coverage at 100%, 200%, 300%, or 400%. As an optional benefit, all coverages in excess of basic coverage are subject to the presentation of evidence of insurability.

Dependant Life is another optional benefit. Coverage for spouse and children is also available through the employee group coverage.

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