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Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses

Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses

MAPFRE Property and contingency insurances for business offer benefits and advantages included in the general conditions and additional advantages that the insured must consider in order to know the accessible benefits through their insurance.

The Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses offers the following benefits and advantages:

  • Includes structure and / or content coverages, Public Liability and additional covers.
  • It is a flexible insurance that includes, in addition to the standard covers, optional coverages according to the needs of the policyholders and their business.
  • It is a product designed to meet the needs of the Small and Medium Businesses.
  • Offers greater automatic limits in comparison to those currently existing in the insurance market.
  • The policy optionally allows to increase the limits available through an additional premium.

Persons interested in knowing better the Multilinear policy for small businesses can access 24 hours a day to the MAPFRE Contact Center, where specialized agents will help them solve their queries about this property and contingency insurance.

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