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Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses

Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses

MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurances establish requirements and restrictions that the policyholders should consider to know their rights and obligations after contracting the policy.

Requirements and restrictions

The MAPFRE Multilinear Policy for Small Businesses establishes the following requirements and restrictions:

  • MAPFRE is not liable for property damages that are not expressed in the general and particular conditions of this policy.
  • MAPFRE is not in charge of compensations when the insured has not paid the premium.
  • Compensations have maximum amounts up to a limit established in the general and special conditions of the policy corresponding to the following automatic coverages:
    • Business Interruption: up to $ 15,000 and Additional Expenses up to $ 10,000.
    • Money Theft: up to $ 1,000 within the premises and up to $ 1,000 outside the premises.
    • Flood: up to $ 3,000.
    • Accounts Receivable: up to $ 15,000.
    • Valuable Documents: up to $ 15,000.
    • External Signs: up to $ 2,500.
    • Glass Breakage: up to $ 2,500.
    • Debris Removal: up to an additional $ 7.500.
    • Losses of Perishable items: up to $ 10,000.
    • Mechanical Malfunction: up to $ 5,000.
  • MAPFRE can cancel the policy if the insured provides fraudulent statements.
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