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Fundación MAPFRE

Fundación MAPFRE

Fundación MAPFRE is a non-profit organization, created in 1975 by MAPFRE, which develops activities in Spain and other countries to contribute to the wellbeing of society and citizens across different lines of business. In Puerto Rico was established in 2004. Currently it carries out various initiatives through five areas and its objectives.  

  • Prevention and Road Safety - To ensure the safety of people and their property, with particular regard to road safety, prevention, and health.
  • Health Promotion - To improve the Quality of Life.
  • Culture and History - To promote the dissemination of Culture, the Arts, and Literature. To promote the investigation and dissemination of knowledge connected with the common History of Spain, Portugal, and the countries linked to them by historical ties.
  • Insurance and Social Security - To promote education and research on Insurance related subjects.
  • Social Action - To contribute to the improvement of the economic, social, and cultural conditions of the people and sectors least favored by Society. 


Fundación MAPFRE's activities are developed mainly in Spain or Latin America, and to fulfill its goals it uses the following methods:

  • Research grants.
  • Creating and supporting educational and research centers.
  • Scholarships for studies in public and private educational institutions.
  • Organizing art exhibitions.
  • Organizing lectures, symposia, seminars, and colloquies.
  • Organizing accident prevention campaigns, directly or in collaboration with public and private entities.
  • Publishing and distributing publications, periodicals or units.
  • Granting scholarships or grants for the physical or professional rehabilitation of the disabled, and organizing activities that contribute to that end.
  • Promoting and supporting activities and programs on Sanitary Education and Health Promotion.
  • Granting economic or other types of aid to Society’s least-favored persons or groups. 

In Puerto Rico we carry out a diversity of activies to spread the prevention message, such as lectures, workshops, exhibitions and live presentations. In the area of Road Safety we have for children from children from 8 to 12 years a Mobil Park, Villa Segura. We also develop to annual campaigns (Road Safety Week and Christmas Campaign). The services are offered to the general public throughout the Island and there are entirely free. For more information visit

Visits us on Facebook - Fundación MAPFRE PUERTO RICO

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