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Áreas de trabajo
In MAPFRE you can develop your career in different work areas. In each one we need professionals like you.

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It is responsible for underwriting and issuing insurance policies, calculating and analyzing actuarial tables, processing claims and providing professional services.

Its role is to maintain and increase the company's business, including the design and development of products and services.

Its function is to manage the administrative and financial activity, as well as to manage the risks of the company and to watch its investments.

It is in charge of auditing the internal procedures.

It provides legal advice in all areas, and is responsible for representing and defending the company. It ensures that the company complies with the requirements established by law, by the Government and by the regulatory agencies of the insurance industry.

It groups the functions of customer service, channels of distribution, suppliers or employees.

It is in charge of selecting, organizing, training, developing, evaluating and rewarding the company's human resources, ensuring its safety and health. In addition, it takes care of the necessary steps to maintain the physical operations of the company's facilities and the fulfillment of environmental policies.

Coordinates the activity of internal and external communication of the group.
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