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Volunteers from 21 countries join the Fundación MAPFRE Solidarity month and its focus on the campaign "SOS RESPIRA"

In November, several activities will take place at the same time to inform the general public how to act in the event of choking. The slogan for this campaign is: "It is in your power to save lives."

Through its VOLUNTEER program, Fundación MAPFRE has started, for the fifth straight year, its solidarity month. This is a support month which in this edition will focus its activities around the campaign "SOS respira," promoted by the Fundación's Health Promotion Area and aimed at reducing fatalities caused by respiratory obstructions.

In November, many of the social activities carried out by volunteers (MAPFRE employees) will focus on informing the public in general about how to act in event of choking, on helping catering and hotel establishments be safer in the event of choking and on reducing the number of deaths caused by respiratory obstructions, which can be prevented by following an easy procedure.

With this goal on mind, awareness-raising workshops will be conducted among education professionals, representatives of the hotel industry, caregivers and society in general; also, information leaflets and posters describing what to do in the event of choking will be handed out.

Also thought our Facebook page @FUNDACIONMAPFREPR we will be posting information about the free mobile app “SOS-Respira”, so that anyone can learn how to perform the Heimlich maneuver appropriately with the help of videos and support texts.


Madrid. For further information, please contact Alejandra Fernández at the MAPFRE Corporate Communication Division. Tel.: 91 581 84 64 and

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