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Garage Commercial Insurance


Your MAPFRE Insurance policy includes a wide range of interesting benefits for your concession, sale and/or distribution of cars and tows establishment.

  • All policyholders have access to the most modern telephone office in Puerto Rico, which deals with all the issues related with MAPFRE’s insurances: It is a specialized service that meets the needs of our customers. 
  • We have a complete Roadside Assistance providers network, all with an extensive experience in assistance services. 
  • We have a wide network of affiliated workshops that are legally established and have all of the permits to operate in Puerto Rico.

Your MAPFRE Garage Insurance also offers you:

  • Benefits of the liability coverage: The policy protects the insured from damages caused to a third party as a result from an accident involving the insured establishment operations.
  • Benefits of direct damages coverage: We will cover damages suffered by for-sale vehicles at a dealership.
  • Benefits of the garagekeepers coverage: We will cover damages to vehicles for which the insured is legally responsible when an auto is left for repairs.
  • Benefits of the personal and advertising injury liability coverage: We will cover all sums the insured must legally pay for damages caused by personal and advertising injury, derived from an offense arising out of your auto dealer operations.
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