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Group health plan for 2 - 50 employees

Plan médico para grupos de 2 - 50 empleados

MAPFRE’s health insurance includes a series of requirements and restrictions that users must be aware of in order to know what coverage’s may be accessed according to the general terms and conditions established in the agreement. Some are:

  • Excluded are losses resulting from an insurrection or war, declared or not, any incidental act of said insurrection or war, or participation in any disturbance or civil disobedience.
  • Excluded are losses due to cosmetic surgery, unless reconstructive surgery to restore damaged tissue due to sickness, including the reconstruction of mama after a mastectomy, or corporal accident, lesion or surgery to correct a sickness or congenital anomalies, including oral defect of a newborn.
  • Excluded are those services that exceed the policy limits established in the general conditions and limitations.
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