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Group life insurance

Group Life Insurance

MAPFRE shares a series of recommendations with people that are contemplating the possibility of obtaining the security obtained from a Group Life insurance or with those who already have this coverage but want to know more on how to maximize their insurance coverage.

Before acquiring Group Life MAPFRE recommends that you read carefully the General Terms and Conditions in the policy, as well as all other coverage’s insured.

Recommendations on how to maximize your Group Life coverage:

  • It is important that insured know when the agreed coverage period starts and ends, the Company will not be responsible for any compensation agreed to previously if outside the coverage period.
  • Users who need to address questions related to Group life can contact MAPFRE’s Customer Service or visit any of our offices located throughout of Puerto Rico.
  • MAPFRE informs members on how to submit claims in order to obtain benefits insured in policy.
  • The company establishes limits in coverage and is not responsible for any compensation or expenses covered in a policy that exceed the established limits.
  • Claims must be submitted during the period established by MAPFRE in the policy’s General Terms and Conditions.
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