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Activity Accident Insurance

Seguro contra accidentes en actividades

MAPFRE Life recommends know and follow a series of recommendations for use in order to access the covers included in the general conditions of the policy as well as the benefits and advantages of the policy if an accident happens.

Recommendations for use before hiring a School Accident Insurance: 

  • MAPFRE Life recommends a careful reading of the general and special conditions of the policy and covers included by the Company.

Recommendations to benefit from the School Accident Insurance covers: 

  • Policyholders are required to submit the evidence requested by the Company, afterwards the benefits agreed with the Company will be paid. 
  • Insurance benefits are delivered to the insured person if he/she is present (otherwise the executors or administrators of the insured person), unless the insured is a minor. In the latter case, such payments can be made to parents, guardians or other persons that are reflected in the archives of the company.  
  • MAPFRE Life is entitled to examine, at its expense, the insured when and as often as reasonably required while it is pending a claim, as well as an autopsy in case of death, if is not prohibited by law at that time.
  • Changes made to the policy are not valid until they are approved by an executive officer of the Company and only if approval is endorsed to it.
  • MAPFRE Life, through its telephone service, will provide the users and insured all information related to Activities Accident Insurance.
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