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Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance

Cáncer y enfermedades perniciosas

Innovative plan to help you in those such difficult times. The plan helps you cover some expenses that your health plan fails to cover, such as deductibles, normal family expenses, and other.

Group Cancer Policy

This is the Insurance plan that covers compensation in cases of Cancer or Pernicious Diseases. The following are considered Pernicious Diseases:

Pernicious Diseases Basic benefits
Muscular Dystrophy First cancer Diagnosis
Scarlet Fever Scarlet Fever
Multiple Sclerosis Relief from premium payment
Reye Syndrome Assistant physician
Sickle Cell Anemia Surgery
Rabies Radiotherapy, cobalt and chemical therapy
Smallpox Ambulance expenses
Tularemia Anesthesia expenses
Tuberculosis Air transportation
Poliomyelitis Drugs and medications
Typhoid Fever Blood and plasma
Lupus Erythematosus Private nurse
Tetanus Skin cancer
Malaria Breast Prosthesis
Myasthenia Gravis Breast reconstruction surgery
Poliomyelitis Prostatic prosthesis
Encephalitis Compensation for lost income
Rheumatic Fever Convalescent home
Diphtheria Intensive care due to cancer
Meningitis (Cerebrospinal Epidemic) Final expenses
Experimental therapy

Other basic benefits:

  • Maintaining good health.
  • First time pernicious disease diagnosis.
  • Expanded hospitalization benefits.
  • Second opinion for surgery.
  • Air transportation for policyholder and companion.
  • Post-mortem diagnosis.
  • Conversion privilege.

For more information, please see our brochure.

Download document in Spanish (PDF, 532 KB)

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