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Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance

Cáncer y enfermedades perniciosas

Life and Disability insurances for business from MAPFRE offer additional benefits and advantages to their covers that allow policyholders enjoy quality policies that protect them against medical expenses because of possible diseases related to the endorsements, included in the general and special conditions of the policy. 

Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance of MAPFRE offers you the following benefits and advantages, among others: 

  • Complete your regular Health Plan to the maximum: complements your regular insurance policy in order to cover certain costs not covered as deductible expenses or family expenses in cases such as:
    • First diagnosis of cáncer.
    • Hospitalization.
    • Relay Premium payment.
    • Assistant doctor.
    • Surgery.
    • Radiotherapy, cobalt and chemotherapy.
    • Expenses ambulance.
    • Expenses anesthesia.
    • Air transportation.
    • Drugs and medicines.
    • Blood and plasma.
    • Private nurse.
    • Skin cáncer.
    • Breast prosthesis.
    • Surgery for breast reconstruction.
    • Other prostheses.
    • Compensation for loss of income.
    • Nursing Home.
    • Intensive Care cancer.
    • Final expenses. 
    • Experimental Therapy.

In addition, there are others value-added services such as:

  • Maintenance service of Good Health.
  • Access to diagnosis of pernicious diseases for first time.
  • Second time cancer diagnosis.
  • Extended benefits for hospitalization. 
  • Second medical opinion for surgery.
  • Air transportation for the insured and a companion.
  • Housekeeper and nurse at home.
  • Economic assistance.
  • Postmortem diagnosis service. 

All insured will have access to the most modern office phone in Puerto Rico: This tele-office serves any purpose related to a MAPFRE insurance line. We offer you a specialized service to solve all your needs in a direct, complete and professional service.

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