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Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance

Cáncer y enfermedades perniciosas

This insurance includes a number of requirements and restrictions that must be studied by the customer before hiring. It is important to consider these aspects to choose the policy that best suits your needs and those of your business. 

The Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance includes, among other, the belonging requirements and restrictions:

  • MAPFRE Life covers compensation as a result of expenses incurred in the treatment of any disease established in the general conditions of the policy. The policy does not cover any other evil, illness or disability that are not specifically included in the insurance. 
  • They are excluded cases where the patient had had a prior cancer or pernicious disease. 
  • Cases where they had made inquiries or sought medical services for any symptom or medical problem leading to positive cancer diagnosis or pernicious disease before the first thirty days of discharge from the policy are totally excluded from cover.
  • In no case compensations will exceed the limits established in the documentation provided to the insured, regardless of the number of cancers or malignant tumors or diseases suffered by the insured.  
  • MAPFRE Life has no obligation to provide services not included in the general or special conditions of the policy.
  • MAPFRE Life is not liable for compensation in cases where the insured has not paid the premium set by the Company.
  • Fraudulent statements may be used by MAPFRE Life to cancel the policy.
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