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Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance

Cáncer y enfermedades perniciosas

MAPFRE Life indicates a series of recommendations for use so that users can get the maximum benefit from their policy and, on the other hand, to not lose the right of access covers included in the insurance.

Recommendations for use before hiring a Cancer and Pernicious Diseases Insurance: 

  • The Company advises users to pay special attention to the general conditions of the policy before register the service with MAPFRE Life.

Recommendations to benefit from the Cancer and Pernicious Diseases covers:

  • MAPFRE Life granted a grace period of thirty days for the payment of the prescribed premiums due after the first. 
  • The insured must give written notice of claims within twenty days after the loss covered by the policy.
  • Accrued but unpaid compensations when the insured dies may be paid, at the option of MAPFRE, to other beneficiaries or to the succession thereof.
  • The policy can be renewed annually by paying the premiums until the insured reaches 99 years.
  • The terms established by the Company must begin and end at 12:01 am -Standard Time place where the insured resides-, according to the documentation submitted to MAPFRE Life.
  • MAPFRE Life sends a notification to advice that your insurance is about to expire, with thirty days in advance.
  • MAPFRE Life may cancel the policy at any time, providing they notify to the insured in writing and delivering directly to the customer or by mail to the address recorded in the files of the Company.
  • MAPFRE Life, through its telephone service, will provide the users and insured all information related to Cancer and Pernicious Insurance.
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