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Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

Through life and disability insurances for business, MAPFRE LIFE offers a number of benefits and advantages detailed in the general and special conditions of their policies. 

The Group Life Insurance of MAPFRE offers you the following benefits and advantages: 

  • It is an effective police for protecting the family of an employee in case of disaster. 
  • Benefits can be established providing covers based on classes, positions or multiple salaries of the workforce. 
  • Additionally, the cover includes Dismemberment by accident. 
  • Includes Common Carrier clause: provides three times the basic benefit payment established in the general and special conditions of the policy if the insured employee dies while being a passenger of a public transportation system. 

In addition, the Group Life Insurance benefits to policyholders with optional covers: 

  • Optional Benefit Life Insurance: can be offered to employees under a basic cover 100%, 200%, 300% or 400%. 
  • Dependent Life: a cover intended for the wife and children. 

In this sense, MAPFRE offers its insureds other benefits, such as a telephone service, available 24 hours. Through MAPFRE Contact Center users who need to know more about the policy or any questions will be attended by telemarketers with extensive knowledge in Group Life Insurance. In addition insured, employers and providers of MAPFRE have at their disposal a contact center Telephone directly related to health services. 

Through our pioneering digital transformation we also provide Health Portal that allows direct access to specialized staff to meet needs and provide guidance to both providers and employers and insureds.

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