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Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance

MAPFRE shows a series of recommendations for use for people who are considering the possibility of hiring a Life and Disability Insurance or for those who already have their covers, to know what the right processes are to get the maximum benefit from the insurance.

Recommendations for use before hiring a Group Life Insurance: 

  • MAPFRE Life recommends a careful reading of the general and special conditions of the policy and covers included by the Company.

Recommendations for getting the maximum benefit of Group Life Insurance: 

  • It is important that policyholders know what are the exactly dates of start and end of the agreement, as outside this period, the Company is not liable for compensation previously agreed. 
  • Users who need to resolve any questions in relations to Group Life policy can contact the telephone service for customers of MAPFRE or go to any of the offices throughout the island of Puerto Rico. 
  • MAPFRE offers policyholders a series of processes for making claims that users should comply to benefit from the policy covers. 
  • The Company establishes a number of limits on their covers and is not responsible for damages or related expenses that exceed such amounts. 
  • Claims must be submitted in the period established by MAPFRE in the general and special conditions of the policy.
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