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Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

Pay benefits for any accident or illness unrelated to the job or to a car accident.


Pays benefits to insured workers who have lost their income as a result of disability due to illness or accident unrelated to employment or to a car accident.

Any employee who is not in government can receive disability benefits through SINOT, provided he or she has received at least $150 in an insured employment during the base year. In addition, the worker must be under treatment by a physician or a duly authorized chiropractor.

MAPFRE is one of the most active companies in plan underwriting and management under Law 139. Our highly trained personnel with many years of experience handle complaints quickly and efficiently.

  • Any person who is not employed by the State or Federal Government is eligible.
  • The insured receives payment from the first day of hospitalization, or from the eighth day of disability.
  • Receives benefits for the duration of the disability (26 weeks maximum).

The advantages of selling SINOT through MAPFRE are:

  • Lower cost to the government.
  • Benefits greater than those provided by the government.
  • Quick service in the analysis and processing of the claim.
  • Orientation to employees and employers (if requested).

For more information, please see our brochure.

Download document in Spanish (PDF, 434 KB)

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