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Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

Through their life and disability insurances for business, MAPFRE LIFE offers a number of benefits and advantages detailed in the general and special conditions of their policies. 

The benefits and advantages of the Temporary Non Occupational Disability Insurance from MAPFRE Life offer value-added services to policyholders. It can be pointed out the following ones:

  • All employees -except government ones, non-profit companies and drivers- can receive disability benefits because of SINOT.
  • MAPFRE Life has highly trained staff, with many years of experience, processing claims quickly and efficiently. 
  • The insured receives compensation from the first day of hospitalization or from the eighth day of disability, as appropriate.
  • Get the benefits established in the general conditions for the duration of the disability.

Also, Temporary Non Occupational Disability Insurance from MAPFRE Life offers you the following benefits: 

  • Assumes a lower cost in most cases to the offered by the 139 Law.
  • Greater benefits to those provided by Law 139. 
  • MAPFRE provides a quick service in the analysis and processing of the claim.
  • The Company provides guidance to employees and employers.

In this sense, MAPFRE Life offers everyone interested in learning more about Temporary Non Occupational Disability Insurance its MAPFRE Contact Center 24 hour service, as well as the possibility of contact with agents specializing in any of its offices.

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