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Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

Non-Occupational Disability Insurance

The general conditions of the policy details the covers of which the insured takes benefit, and the benefits, requirements and restrictions set forth in the agreement. 

The Temporary Non Occupational Disability Insurance (SINOT) of MAPFRE Life is a policy designed to pay compensation to insured workers who have lost their incomes because of a disability by disease or accident not related to employment develop or as a result of an automobile accident. 

All workers, except those who are employed by the government, non-profit companies, or drivers, can access this benefit if they have earned at least $150 in insurable employment during the base year and are under medical treatment or duly authorized chiropractor. 

In this regard, it is important to note that MAPFRE Life is one of the most active companies in underwriting and management plans under Law 139.

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