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School Accidents Insurance

School Accidents Insurance

Through life and disability insurances for business, MAPFRE LIFE offers a number of benefits and advantages detailed in the general and special conditions of their policies. 

The School Accident Insurance of MAPFRE offers you the following benefits and advantages, among others: 

  • It is a policy that protects students, teachers and employees of an educational institution. 
  • It covers damages because of an accident, the related medical expenses, and compensation for dismemberment. 
  • It covers the insured also on routes on the way to school or back to his residence.
  • The dental expenses are included.

The School Accident Insurance includes also some additional covers, like:

  • Additional Death coverage if the insured suffers an accident while he/she is a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle and is using the seat belt.
  • Travel assistance.
  • Funerary expenses.
  • Summer classes.
  • Summer camps.

More generally, MAPFRE Life offers telephone customer service –MAPFRE Contact Services- and prepared agents with available experience distributed in offices throughout the Puerto Rico island.

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