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Aircraft Insurance


Protection limits for aircraft up to $10,000,000, combined in property and Public Liability.

With technical support from MAPFRE Global Risk, MAPFRE PRAICO began underwriting aircraft in late 2010. We offer coverage against any loss or damages suffered by personally owned aircraft or aircraft under the custody of the policyholder; as well as the obligations for which the policyholder is found liable to third parties while conducting an activity with the aircraft.

Among the basic coverages offered are hull insurance and civil liability insurance.

  • Hull coverage provides coverage for losses or physical damages suffered by the aircraft.
  • Public Liability coverage guarantees compensation that may be enforceable against the policyholder for damages and/or injury to third persons and derived from the policyholder’s activity. It is divided into three categories:
    • Liability derived from the airlines’ operations – These are normally the object of a transportation contract, that is, liability with respect to passengers, baggage, cargo, and/or mail transported on the airplane.
    • Liability for damages caused to property or passengers outside the aircraft itself.
    • Medical Expenses.
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