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Aircraft Insurance


The MAPFRE aircraft insurance has a 24/7 Information Center, TELEMAPFRE, which offers the policyholder personalized attention in case of any doubt about the policy.

The MAPFRE property and contingency insurances dedicated to the protection of aircraft offer benefits and advantages to the policyholders thanks to the covers included in its general and particular conditions. 

The MAPFRE Aircraft Insurance includes the following benefits and advantages:

  • We will cover any loss or damages suffered by personally owned aircraft or aircraft under the custody of the policyholder up to the limits set according to the General, Particular and Special Conditions. 
  • The policy includes a cover up to $10,000,000 combined in property and public liability. 

Moreover, the MAPFRE Aircraft insurance provides a number of additional benefits related to Civil Liability such as: 

  • Covers liability for damages caused to passengers, luggage, cargo and mail carried by the airplane, as set out in the general conditions. 
  • Liability for damages caused to property or passengers unconnected to the aircraft from which the insured is responsible at that time. 
  • A medical expenses coverage can be included. 

The MAPFRE aircraft insurance has a Customer Service through the Claims Department.

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