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Aircraft Insurance


MAPFRE offers a series of recommendations for use to the policyholders in order to enjoy the benefits and advantages of the policy and to know at any moment the available covers. 

Before contracting the MAPFRE Aircraft policy: 

  • Before contracting the Aircraft policy, users must read carefully the general and particular provisions of the policy. 

Once contracted the MAPFRE Aircraft policy: 

  • Policyholders will enjoy the coverages, benefits and advantages of the insurance since the agreement is effective and during the validity period. 
  • The Aircraft policy is intended solely to protect mishaps related with the air transport. 
  • In case of an event covered by the policy, you must contact us without delay and provide us all the available information related with it. 
  • Policyholders should take into account that the company will not pay for claims not included in the general or particular conditions of each coverage.
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