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Bonds Insurance


MAPFRE, through a series of recommendations for use, provides access to the benefits and advantages of the services.

Before accessing to the MAPFRE Bond services we recommend:

  • Pay special attention to the particular and general conditions of the policy, as well as to the requirements and restrictions established on it.

Once contracted the Bond service:

  • We recommend that users choose the appropriate service for each type of business.

  • MAPFRE is not liable for those issues not included in the general or particular conditions of the policy.

  • In case of a claim is necessary that the principal cooperates with MAPFRE. In case of any loss the principal will be responsible for reimbursing all costs MAPFRE had suffered in respect of the claim against the bond.

  • We recommend users to contact with the company to solve any query. MAPFRE has specialized agents from the 24/7 MAPFRE Contact Center to help the users.

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