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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance

MAPFRE insurances offer you a wide range of advantages to protect your commercial dwelling and provide peace of mind to you and your business.

The Flood insurance is a policy designed to provide full protection facing a flooding in your business premises.

All policyholders have access to the most modern telephone office in Puerto Rico, MAPFRE Contact Center. It is a specialized service that meets the needs of our customers and claimants. 

Your Flood Insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Benefits of the structure’s property coverage: Direct physical loss caused by a flooding in the commercial dwelling described in the policy is indemnified.
  • Benefits of the personal property coverage: By subscribing this coverage, direct physical loss of personal property inside the premises due to flooding is covered.
  • Benefits of the vandalism or malicious damage coverage: Costs are covered for losses caused by vandalism while the property is flooded.
  • Benefits of the loss prevention coverage: We pay up to $ 1,000 for reasonable expenses incurred by moving insured property to another location to protect it from flooding or flood hazard.
  • Benefits of the emergency assistance for fixed plumbing: Emergency assistance is included, provided that the insured commercial dwelling has a fixed plumbing emergency located within the structure.
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