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Hole in One Insurance

Hole in One

This policy has certain requirements and restrictions that shall be evaluated in order to access to the covers included in the general conditions of the policy.

Hole in One policy is a policy aimed at a specific activity and includes a number of requirements and restrictions such as:

  • Reimburse only the prize awarded to the first player to a “hole in one” in a golf tournament.
  • The policy covers those tournaments that take place in the area of Puerto Rico.
  • Payment of the cost of the award included in the policy is determined by the conditions established in the previous agreement.
  • The protection provided by the policy is valid between the commencement date and the end date of the tournament.
  • Compensation is excluded in case of fraud, deceit or dishonesty, as well as for any other breach of the rules established by the insured tournament.

The following restrictions apply to the “Hole in One” policy:

  • The hole must have a minimum distance of 175 yards.
  • The participants cannot be golf professionals.
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