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Hole in One Insurance

Hole in One

It is essential to follow some recommendations of use offered by MAPFRE before and after contracting the policy Hole in One, in order to access to the covers and benefits from the policy:

Recommendations to purchase your auto insurance:

  • Read carefully the clauses and the general and special provisions of each coverage to access to their benefits.

Recommendations after the policy is issue:

  • The Hole in One policy guarantees will enter into force once the insured pays the premium and is valid for the duration of the tournament.
  • The policy is intended solely for the reimburse of high-value prizes that are awarded to players who achieve a hole in one.
  • In the case of a "Hole in One", the insured must contact MAPFRE as soon as possible and provide all related documents at their disposal.
  • The insured must fully cooperate with MAPFRE.
  • MAPFRE is not required to deal with damages not included in the general and special conditions of the agreement.
  • You must notify claims to us within a maximum period of three working days after the “Hole in One”.
  • Claims are by processed by specialized agents from our 24/7 Information Center.
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