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Maritime Risks / Inland Maritime

Maritime Risks / Inland Maritime

The coverages may be expanded to be effective from the time the merchandise leaves the seller’s warehouse until its arrival at the buyer’s warehouse.

Ocean Marine

Ocean Cargo Insurance – This covers shipments of goods and merchandise. In addition to covering the merchandise during the trip, the coverage may be expanded to be in effect from the time the merchandise leaves the seller’s warehouse until it arrives at the buyer’s warehouse.

Inland Marine

Under this coverage, the most appropriate coverages are defined for certain goods, such as:

Inland Marine Coverages

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This covers your signs and similar property under your care, custody, or control.

This covers medical or dental equipment, materials and books associated with the profession. In addition, it covers office equipment, including furniture and appliances while these are on the premises.

This covers valuable papers that have been declared and described at the time the policy is issued and are on your property

This covers property belonging to others that you transport and for which an invoice or tariff was issued.

This covers your personal and commercial property during transportation when it is under your own risk.

This covers machinery or heavy equipment (Diggers, Transcavators, Rollers) that have been listed in the policy.

This covers artwork described in the policy. These works may be yours or by other persons as long as they under your custody and you are the one responsible for them.

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