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Multiline Policy

Multiline Policy

MAPFRE recommends to follow a series of recommendations for use for policyholders and persons interested in MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurances to get the greater benefit from the policy.

The recommendations for use before contracting a MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurance are the following:

  • MAPFRE suggests users to read carefully the coverages included in the general conditions of the policy, as well as the particular conditions of the main and optional coverages and the exclusions of each coverage.

Recommendations to obtain the maximum benefit of the Multiline policy:

  • The MAPFRE Property insurance coverages take effect once the insured pays the premium.
  • MAPFRE has no obligation to deal with damages not included in the general and special conditions of the policy.
  • Policyholders must give notice as soon as possible of the damages covered by the policy and should provide all required documents.
  • MAPFRE will send the necessary notifications to the address listed in the files of the company; any alteration must be notified by the insured to the Company.
  • MAPFRE has a network of seven (7) offices throughout the island of Puerto Rico. All policyholders have access to the most modern telephone office in Puerto Rico, MAPFRE Contact Center, which offers a service that meets the needs of our customers.
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