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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability

The property and contingency insurances offered by MAPFRE establish several requirements and restrictions that the customer must consider in order to be protected in case of a mishap related with the policy.

The Professional Liability Insurance for Lawyers indicates, in their general and particular conditions, the following requirements and restrictions:

  • It is a policy aimed at the legal profession.
  • The policy covers damages to third parties within the limits established in the general and particular conditions of the agreement.
  • MAPFRE is not liable to cover those cases where the compensation exceeds the limits.
  • It is a policy for professionals whose responsibility can lead to high compensations for the affected.
  • The period of validity of the policy begins with the premium payment and their coverages are valid until the end of it.
  • MAPFRE has no obligation to take charge of incidents once terminated the policy or in those cases where the insured had not fulfilled the payment established by the company.
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