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Property Insurance


MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurances for business include benefits and advantages which provide the policyholders access to added value services, as well as protection against losses established in the general and special conditions of the policy.

The benefits and advantages of the MAPFRE Property Insurance are the following, among others:

  • It is a policy that provides the insured different alternatives, depending on their necessities and their home needs.
  • Covers damage caused by fire, vandalism, hurricane, earthquake and theft.
  • You can choose from:
    • Personal Multiplan.
    • Homeowners.
    • Dwelling.
    • Flood Insurance.

Moreover, based on the selected option, users can access, among others, to the following advantages, according to the limits established in the general and particular conditions of each coverage:

  • Personal Multiplan: Includes Auto coverages, 24 hours Travel and Road Assistance, Watercraft Protection and Personal Liability against claim or lawsuit, among others. Policyholders also receive a 20% discount on the Auto, Property and Personal Responsibility coverages.
  • Homeowners: Covers additional rental and public liability costs, including claims for damages for which the insured is responsible.
  • Dwelling: Provides access to optional coverages for separated structure and personal belongings.
  • Flood: Includes damages for water body overflows, storm surges and mudslides.

Anyway, policyholders can solve any question about the MAPFRE Property insurances for business contacting the MAPFRE Contact Center, where specialized agents will help them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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