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Property Insurance


The MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurances include some requirements and restrictions that customers must consider in order to know better their rights and obligations.

The MAPFRE Property insurance establishes some requirements and restrictions, including the following:

  • Property damages not covered by the policy are excluded.
  • MAPFRE is not liable for compensations when the insured has not paid the premium set by the Company.
  • MAPFRE can cancel the policy if the insured acts in bad faith or provides fraudulent statements.
  • The limit for damages caused to the exterior elements of the building is set at a maximum of $ 2,500.
  • MAPFRE covers damages for losses up to the maximum specified as a limit on the general conditions of the policy.
  • The limit amounts declared in the additional coverages will be applied according to the specific limits of such coverages, which may differ from those set forth in the general conditions.
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