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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability

This policy has certain requirements and restrictions that shall be evaluated by the customer before contracting it. It is very important to consider them in order to decide which insurance policy suits you and your business better.

  • The liability for damages, particularly negligence, are responsible for most of the situations covered by the Public Liability policy. Includes personal safety, property, reputation and privacy, among others. The Public Liability policy responds to expositions, with defense if needed, payment of damages for personal injury, damage to other people's property or personal injuries. The policy contains exclusions or restrictions for the following reasons: (1) There is another type of policy designed to respond to that particular exposition. (2) Requires an additional premium to cover the exclusion or limitation. (3) Risks that are not insurable.
  • Activities that represent potential sources of claims include the premises, the operations, the products and the completed works.

The policy has the following restrictions:

  • We will not provide liability coverage to any person intentionally causing bodily injuries or damages to property to a third person. This exclusion does not apply to bodily injury resulting from the use of reasonable force to protect persons or property.
  • We will not provide coverage for third party damages or bodily injuries if the insured caused or contributed to the alcohol poisoning of any person.
  • We will not provide coverage for third party damages or bodily injuries if the insured has assumed liability in a contract or agreement.
  • We will not cover any obligation of the insured under a workers' compensation or disability benefits law.
  • Coverage is not provided for damages or bodily injuries to a third party, caused by war, revolution or rebellion.
  • We will not cover damages caused by loss, loss due to use, corruption, inability to access or impossibility of handling electronic data.
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