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Expand Your Compulsory Insurance

Expand Your Compulsory Insurance

Your MAPFRE Insurance policy includes a wide range of interesting advantages for you and your vehicle. The policy offers the following benefits and advantages, according to the general conditions previously set out, and taking into account the limits stated in the agreement.

  • We cover the costs arising from the insured liability, specifically for damages for bodily injury or property damages caused by the insured.

Your Expand your Compulsory Insurance also offers you:

  • We will cover defense costs in case of lawsuit for damages.
  • Up to $ 250 for the cost of bonds related to a traffic accident and up to $ 50 for the loss of income for attending hearings or legal proceedings at the request of the company.
  • Those persons who have subscribed our MAPFRE Expand your Compulsory insurance will be covered against medical or funeral expenses caused by an accident involving any insured included in the policy.
  • Includes compensation in the event of accidental death or disability caused by a traffic accident.
  • We will cover the insured when they are in difficulties because of a fortuitous event while they are travelling. We include the coverage of breakdowns, traffic accidents or the removal of the insured vehicle.
  • In case of breakdown or accident, the company will take care of the transportation or towing of the insured vehicle to the workshop chosen by the insured, with a maximum cost of $ 200.

To learn more about the benefits and advantages of this insurance you can check the general and specific conditions of the policy or contact our customer service team.

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