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Physical Damages Car Insurance

Seguro de Responsabilidad Obligatorio

MAPFRE recommends the insured to consider some relevant aspects to facilitate the access to all the benefits and advantages of the policy. 

Recommendations before purchasing your auto insurance:

  • Pay special attention to the general and specific conditions of the coverages included in the policy.

Recommendations to receive benefits from your Double Interest – Physical Damages to your car Insurance insurance:

  • This policy only takes effect when the insured or the financial institution pays the premium established by us.
  • MAPFRE considers as an accident the impact between motor vehicles in which at least one of them is in motion.
  • The insured must inform us, as soon as possible, of the accidents or incidents in which he/she is involved, reporting how, when and where the event happened, sending us all the available information. 
  • We consider as insured those persons who use the insured car with your express consent.
  • MAPFRE has no duty to defend any claim that is not covered by this policy.
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