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Life Insurance for Education

Life Insurance for Education

Life Insurances for Education of MAPFRE are designed to ensure the education of your beloved ones. A double capital will be guaranteed in case of death and you will be entitled to a wide number of benefits and advantages. 

  • If the insured passes away before the policy expires, the beneficiary will receive half of the profit at the time of the death, and the rest at the end. 
  • From the second year, you could benefit from a policy loan or recover the guaranteed cash value, plus the accrued benefits.
  • You can also opt for a reduced insurance in the case of any premium has not been paid and it does not exceed any of the cash value of the insurance policy.  
  • All insured people will have access to the most modern office phone in Puerto Rico: This tele-office serves any purpose related to a MAPFRE insurance line. We offer you a specialized service to solve all your needs in a direct, complete and professional service.
  • Quick Service Analysis and processing of your claim. 

Benefits of Life policy for Education are:

  • Premiums leveled payable during the life of the insured in the term of the policy.
  • Participation in proportion in the 90% of the positive results arising from the reversal of net reserves.
  • Death benefit if the insured dies during the insurance period.
  • Survival Benefit will be paid if the insured lives at the time of maturity of the policy.
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