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MAPFRE Protector Life Insurance


Your policy MAPFRE PROTECTOR offers a wide range of benefits for your tranquility and your family:

  • All insured will have access to the most modern office phone in Puerto Rico: This tele-office serves any purpose related to a MAPFRE insurance line. We offer you a specialized service to solve all your needs in a direct, complete and professional service.
  • This policy helps to cover those medical expenses that your Health Plan does not cover. 

Your Cancer and Pernicious Insurance also offers:

  • Benefits of the Prevention Cover: Covered $ 50.00 per year and a policy to cover mammograms, ultrasound screening, Pap test (PAP test) and other specific tests.
  • Benefits of the hospital confinement compensation cover: Benefits are payable for hospitalization of the insured due to pernicious diseases or cancer.
  • Benefits of the compensation for surgery cover: A preset amount will be paid to the insured for surgery due to cancer or pernicious diseases. 
  • Benefits of the cover of compensation for private duty nursing services: Will be paid to the insured up to $ 150.00 per day, with no limit on the number of days, for a private duty nursing.
  • Benefits of the cover for the premium payment replacement: If the insured is hospitalized for an uninterrupted period of 30 days or more, due to a pernicious disease or cancer, payment of premiums on the policy will be relieved.
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