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MAPFRE Protector Life Insurance


MAPFRE Life offers its customers a series of recommendations for use so that they can benefit from all the covers of this insurance. To do this, is necessary to understand some important aspects both before and after hiring it.

Among the recommendations for hiring this product there are the following ones:

  • Read carefully all special provisions and clauses of each cover.

Recommendations to get benefit from your PROTECTOR Insurance:

  • It is useful to know the terms, limitations and policy requirements to act precisely in each case.
  • Documents relating to the policy needs to be located in a suitable place.
  • MAPFRE Life reserves the right to revise the premium; however, you should know that changes in the premiums do not depend on individual circumstances, such as health, sex or prior claims.
  • In case of loss of anything related to the policy, you must give written notice within 20 days from the loss.
  • You should know that this policy has various payment methods, including payroll deduction insured. 
  • You will have a Grace Period of 30 days for payment each premium after the first expiration. The policy remains in force during the grace period MAPFRE Life has no obligation to manage those claims not included in the general and special conditions of the policy.
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