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Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance of MAPFRE offers you a wide variety of benefits so you can feel safe and take care of earrings while you let your family quiet knowing they are cover in case you passed away.

The main benefits of Term Life Insurance are:

  • This insurance policy term may be exchanged for a new Life Insurance policy that the company is regularly issuing the date of conversion.
  • Possibility of being insured up to 95 years old.
  • It provides protection for a low cost.
  • Is a convenient alternative to supplement other insurance covers for a fixed period, such as: mortgages, college expenses, loans, etc.
  • The company offers four forms of payment the Death Benefit.
  • As permitted by law, any Death Benefit will be subject to a claim of creditors of the beneficiary or any legal claims against it.

MAPFRE is the insurance company with more outlets and attention.

Access to Customer Service 24 hours 365 days a year via telephone 787-250-5214.

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