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Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance

The MAPFRE Property and Contingency insurances offer you a wide range of advantages that, along with the best coverages, provide peace of mind to you and your family.

  • The Boat insurance is a policy designed to provide full protection to your vessel.
  • All policyholders have access to the most modern telephone office in Puerto Rico, TELEMAPFRE. It is a specialized service that meets the needs of our customers and claimants. 

Your Boat Insurance offers you the following benefits:

  • Benefits of the property coverage: The insured vessel and the equipment required for its maintenance is covered. The policy covers direct and accidental loss or damage to your boat and trailer.
  • Benefits of the trailer coverage: We will pay for sudden accidental direct physical loss or damage to the trailer caused by fire, lighting, windstorm, explosion or collision.
  • Benefits of the liability coverage: Damages for bodily injury, or property damage to a person other than the insured, that are caused by the insured vessel are included.
  • Benefits of the personal effects coverage: We will cover personal effects of any insured while they are on board, being loaded onto, or unloaded from the Insured watercraft, but only while the vessel is afloat.
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