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Your MAPFRE´s insurance includes a wide range of benefits and interesting advantages for you and your home:

  • We offer maximum protection for your property against loss by fire, explosion, vandalism, theft or hurricane. 
  • MAPFRE Contact Center 24/7: Our customers can access to the most modern telephone office in Puerto Rico. The office is equipped with a modern, fully computerized telephone system and over 25 tele-operators ready to answer any question. 

The Dwelling Insurance also includes:

  • Benefits of the Dwelling Cover: Protection against direct damage to your property caused by fire or lightning, internal explosion, windstorm, hurricane, vandalism, smoke or volcanic eruption.
  • Benefits of the cover for others structures: Damages occurring in other separate structures by a free space from the principal house are covered. This includes structures connected by a fence, public servants or a similar connection.
  • Benefits of the personal property cover: the usual personal property, referring to a normal occupation, is cover; property from family members who live with the insured is covered too.
  • Benefits of a reasonable rental value cover: We will cover reasonable costs due to loss that makes uninhabitable the renting property.
  • Benefits of the debris removal cover: the company will pay a reasonable cost for debris removal due to a sure danger.
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