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MAPFRE advises to follow some recommendations to facilitate the insured the access to the benefits and advantages included in the policy.

Recommendations before hiring your Property and Casualty insurance:

  • Pay special attention to the general and special conditions of the covers included in the policy.
  • If you need assistance, you can contact MAPFRE Contact Center at 787-250-5214 (metro area) or 1-888-835-3634, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Recommendations for access to the Dwelling insurance benefits:

  • Save your policy together with the documents that complement it in a safe and accessible place.
  • Be punctual in your payments premium.
  • In case of loss, it is imperative that the insured put all the means at its disposal to protect the property from further damage.
  • If an inventory of damaged property was necessary, the insured must provide invoices and receipts to justify the amounts thereof.
  • If not we reached an agreement with the insured on the amount of loss, either party may request an appraisal of the loss. 
  • MAPFRE has no obligation to manage those claims not included in the general and special conditions of the policy.
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