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Homeowners Insurance


Property and Casualty insurances of MAPFRE offer its policyholders a number of benefits and advantages that provide peace of mind to them and their families. 

  • Homeowners insurance is a policy designed to provide you full protection as an owner. 
  • All insured will have access to the most modern office phone in Puerto Rico: This tele-office serves any purpose related to a MAPFRE insurance line. We offer you a specialized service to solve all your needs in a direct, complete and professional service.

The benefits of the Homeowners policy are:

  • Benefits of the Homeowners policy: House is covered in the price of residence which appears in the statements, including the accompanying housing structures.
  • Benefits of the cover for others structures: Damages occurring in other separate structures by a free space from the principal house are covered. This includes structures connected by a fence, public servants or a similar connection.
  • Benefits of the personal property coverage: Personal property owned or used by an insured while it is anywhere in the world is included.
  • Benefits of the loss of use coverage: If a loss makes impossible to live in the property, the company will cover any increase needed in additional costs incurred by you so that you can maintain your normal lifestyle at home. We will cover reasonable costs due to loss that makes uninhabitable the renting property. 
  • Benefits of the Medical expenses coverage: Medical costs will be reimbursed to a third person due to an accident which you are legally responsible. 
  • Benefits of additional covers: You can subscribe for an additional premium cover as debris removal or protection of trees and plants.
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