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Personal Multiplan Insurance

Multiplan personal

This insurance has certain requirements and exclusions that the policyholders must consider in order to know better their rights and obligations when hiring it.

You must provide us all the necessary information for a proper risk assessment.

The Personal Multiplan Insurance has the following exclusions:

  • We will not cover damages to property caused by a negligent behavior of the insured. 
  • We will not provide damages or liability coverage for the fraudulent or intentionally caused events by the policyholder. 
  • We will not cover damages to a vessel for its use in illegal transportation or trade activities.
  • The damages caused by the use of the boat in speed races are excluded from the liability cover. This exclusion does not apply to sailboats.
  • Events caused by the involvement of the animal in hunting, gambling, challenges, sports or commercial activities are excluded from the pet cover. 
  • We will not provide auto coverage for the use of any motor vehicle other than the insured auto.
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