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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

We offer some recommendations to recognize MAPFRE PET Insurance as your best option:

Recommendations to hire MAPFRE PET:

  • Learn about the three different plans offered by the insurance, and the qualifications of each of their coverage. 
  • Choose the package that meets your needs and is within the budget contemplated.
  • Never make your whim cheap insurance. You better be as well covered as possible.
  • After you have purchased your policy we suggest checking it in order to avoid a possible misunderstanding and be clear.

Recommendations for the use of MAPFRE PET:

  • Read the general conditions of the policy.
  • Verify that all information in the policy is correct, such as the name of the insured, animal data, contracted sums insured and premium amount.
  • In case of accident, the policy should be at your fingertips, and try to identify the most important information, such as covers or deductibles.
  • Lack of timely premium payment may result in cancellation of the insurance.
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