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Travel insurance

Travel insurance

This insurance has certain requirements and exclusions that the policyholders must consider in order to know better their rights and obligations when hiring it.

  • This policy is aimed at persons whose age does not exceed 85 years at the time of the trip.

The insurance has the following exclusions:

  • Persons who are enrolled in an institution of academic education outside of Puerto Rico cannot benefit from the advantages of this policy.
  • We will not provide coverage for events intentionally caused by the policyholder. 
  • Events derived from floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclonic storms, atmospheric depressions, hurricanes, tidal waves, storms or falling meteors are excluded. 
  • We will not provide coverage for damages caused by riot or tumult.
  • We will not provide coverage for damages caused by nuclear radiation.
  • Events caused by the insured involvement in bets, organized sporting events or speed tests with vehicles are excluded.
  • We will not cover expenses for medical care provided inside Puerto Rico.
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