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At MAPFRE it has always been considered that the management of any company must be inspired by a sense of service to Society, in accordance with the role and responsibility that corresponds to companies in its progress. This implies acting in accordance with principles that seek to create value for the company itself and its shareholders, with the utmost respect for the interests of all those who contribute to the sustainability that MAPFRE assumes as a firm commitment for Puerto Rico and for the whole of its organization in all the countries in which it operates; sustainability that involves meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Furthermore, Insurance is an industry that, by its very nature and while seeking to provide an excellent service, must contribute to the social and economic development of countries and their inhabitants, generating wealth and jobs, promoting savings. and working for solidarity.

MAPFRE’s ethical commitment and its concept of Sustainability imply a firm decision to rigorously comply with its obligations with third parties, the basis of the trust and reliability that companies must inspire and on which our actions are based. Conduct that permanently repeats this honest behavior makes it possible for the company’s reputation to grow, and for permanent and positive expectations to be established in the Company about its future way of acting. Learn about our sustainability plan here: Sustainability | MAPFRE.

In 2011, MAPFRE PUERTO RICO began publishing its Integrated Annual Report, an exercise that MAPFRE Spain has been carrying out since 2003.

To view the most up-to-date Integrated Annual Report at the corporate level, access the following link: Transparency | MAPFRE

To better understand MAPFRE’s commitment to Sustainability and the Environment, its organization and objectives, its international agreements, our action policy, among other relevant information, you can access:
Transparency | MAPFRE

To learn about MAPFRE Policies you can access:

Good Government | MAPFRE
Corporate Sustainability Policy (PDF, 94.9 KB) Available in Spanish
Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy (PDF, 99.9 KB) Available in Spanish
Promotion, Selection and Mobility Policy (PDF, 99.2 KB) Available in Spanish
Health and Wellbeing and Occupational Risk Prevention Policy (PDF, 98.3 KB) Available in Spanish
Human Rights Policy (PDF, 66.7 KB) Available in Spanish
Anti-Corruption Policy (PDF, 44.7 KB) Available in Spanish
Corporate Security and Privacy Policy (PDF, 230 KB) Available in Spanish
Environmental Policy (PDF, 74.5 KB) Available in Spanish