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Social Responsibility


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MAPFRE has always considered that a company’s endeavors should be inspired by a sense of service to Society, according to the company’s function and responsibility as its progresses. This implies acting according to certain principles that seek the creation of value for the company itself and its stockholders, with a maximum of respect for the interests of all those who contribute to the sustainability that MAPFRE assumes as a firm commitment to Puerto Rico and for its organization as a whole in all of the countries where it operates; sustainability that implies satisfying current needs without compromising the capacity of future generations to cover their own.

In addition, the Insurance industry is one that, by its very nature and the time it takes to render excellent service, should contribute to the social and economic development of the countries and of their inhabitants, generating wealth and jobs, encouraging savings, and working for solidarity.

MAPFRE’s ethical commitment and its concept of Social Responsibility imply a firm decision to fulfill rigorously its obligations to third parties, which is the basis of the trust and reliability that businesses should inspire and on which our actions are grounded. Conduct that permanently repeats such honest behavior makes it possible for the company’s reputation to grow, and to embed in Society the permanent and positive expectations regarding the future way that it will act..

In 2011, MAPFRE PUERTO RICO began to publish its Memory of Social Responsibility, an exercise that MAPFRE Spain has already been performing since 2003.

To better understand MAPFRE’s commitment to Social Responsibility and the Environment, its organization and objectives, its international agreements, and our work policy, among other relevant information, you may access:


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