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Personal insurances for you and your vehicle. You can choose the insurance that suits you most and expand it at your convenience. 

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Buying a vehicle involves much more than choosing the make and model. It also means finding the right insurance policy. At MAPFRE we have at your disposal a large variety of auto insurance policies to protect your vehicle against physical damages or your responsibility to pay damages when you turn out to be liable for bodily injuries or damages to third party property. 

Extended Warranty

Auto insurance that covers mechanical breakdowns, repair or replacement of different elements of the vehicle, once the warranty offered by the vehicle manufacturer expires. It also includes car rental, high quality roadside assistance, tire services and locksmith services. The contract lasts for 10 years from the original registration date of the car or 100,000 miles on the odometer, whichever comes first.

Public Liability Insurance

With this public liability insurance, the compulsory insurance cover can be extended, which only covers damages up to $4,500 to third party cars, not providing cover for damage to third party property or bodily injury. With this extension, the basic coverage of bodily injuries or damages caused to a third party is extended, as well as access to optional covers such as medical or funeral expenses, roadside assistance, gasoline delivery, tire change and service. locksmith.

Full Cover Insurance

With the Full Cover policy you will have total protection, with public liability coverage such as damage to the car. It covers the direct damages and losses to the insured car and the bodily injuries or damages caused to a third party. In addition, it includes optional coverage such as medical expenses, the most complete road assistance and reimbursement for vehicle rental for an additional premium.

Compulsory Liability Insurance

Compulsory insurance is a mandatory public liability insurance required by the government of Puerto Rico for all private cars that transit in Puerto Rico. This compulsory insurance covers damages caused to other vehicles up to $4,000 as a result of a traffic accident.

Expand Your Compulsory Insurance – Autoplus

AUTOPLUS is the perfect alternative to the insurance you buy when paying your tag when compulsory insurance does not give you the peace of mind you need. Extends the limit of legal liability, extending the coverage up to $20,000 to injuries to third parties or damage to the property of other people in the event of an accident. It also includes a full roadside assistance, medical expenses cover and legal defense. All these benefits from only $36 * per year, in addition to the $99 of the tag.

Roadside Assistance Insurance

There are unforeseen situations that arise while driving our vehicle on the roads of the country. So that you can solve this type of situation in MAPFRE we have created the Road Assistance insurance, which gives you immediate assistance when you need it the most. We offer the most complete service in road assistance for your car, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to calculate the price of Car Insurance?

You can calculate the price of your car insurance in just a few steps. Get a free estimation tailored to your budget and needs by entering your personal and vehicle data into our car insurance quote tool.

How do I know what kind of Car Insurance I have?

You can find out what type of insurance your car has by going to the Insurance Commissioner’s Office or you can visit www.ocs.pr.gov and check it online.

What is a car insurance deductible?

The car insurance deductible is the money the insured person must pay in case of an accident. Thus, when you purchase a deductible coverage, the company will only be responsible for the amount that exceeds it.

What is the GAP of a car?

Many would think that it is the famous brand of clothing store, but it is not so in the insurance environment means something totally different.

The Gap is the cover that covers the difference between the value of the insured vehicle and the amount owed to the bank / cooperative / financial that financed the cost. That is, as an example: If the car has a value of $17,000 and $30,000 is owed, the GAP insurance covers the $13,000 difference. It is the insurance that pays the difference between the current cash value of the car and the amount remaining in the loan balance.

What is included in auto insurance?

I suppose you have asked yourself what is the least you can have in your insurance policy to protect your car in case of theft, an accident among other things.

Well, one of the most common cover is the collision and comprehensive policy. And what are they? A collision policy or also known as collision coverage, is one that pays for the damages of your car, no matter who caused the accident. The company must pay for the repair, or up to the current cash value of the vehicle, less the deductible. And the comprehensive policy, covers the losses of your car for causes that are not accidents, less the deductible. They include theft, vandalism, flood and fire.

There are other types of covers that you can add are roadside assistance, public liability (covers bodily injury and property damage to third parties caused by you or by a person authorized by you to drive it, and who is not otherwise excluded from driving). the policy, and the GAP, which covers the difference between the value of your car and what is still owed to the car financer.

Remember that these are some of the basic covers, and there are many more and we can help you select the perfect options for you.

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