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MAPFRE PRAICO INSURANCE COMPANY, MAPFRE PAN AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, MAPFRE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF PUERTO RICO, MAPFRE INSURANCE AGENCY OF PUERTO RICO, Inc., MAPFRE SOLUTIONS, Inc., and MAPFRE FINANCE OF PUERTO RICO Corp., hereinafter referred to as MAPFRE PUERTO RICO, value having you as one of our clients and appreciate your trust and sponsorship of our products and services.

MAPFRE PUERTO RICO protects the privacy of the information shared with us by our clients and is committed to maintaining its confidentiality and security. MAPFRE PUERTO RICO does not sell or share personal, financial or health information of its customers or consumers with unaffiliated persons or entities, except as permitted by law.

Below we feature our practices regarding the handling of your personal, financial and health information, as applicable, always safeguarding and protecting the information you share with us. This Privacy Policy includes examples of the types of personal financial and health information we collect and with whom we share that information. These examples are illustrative and should not be considered as a complete inventory of our collection, use and disclosure of information.

Personal Information We Collect (as applicable)

MAPFRE PUERTO RICO collects information for the specific use and purpose for which it is received. Specifically, we collect the following information:


  1. Personal information provided in applications, forms or documents, such as your name, telephone numbers, date of birth, email, postal and physical address, social security number, driver’s license number, dependents, marital status, etc.;
  2. Financial information such as premium financing products, banking transactions or electronic funds transfers such as premium payments by direct debit, credit cards or other payment methods, etc.;
  3. Health information relevant to your health status such as the results of medical tests, medical diagnosis, treatments, pre-authorizations of services, etc.;
  4. Information that comes from transactions you do with us and our affiliates, such as, for example, coverage certifications or benefits policy, related to premium financing, payment history, policy number, beneficiaries, dependents;
  5. Claims history, claims records, insurance transactions, insured property or risks; information provided to us by consumer credit bureaus, such as your creditworthiness and credit history;
  6. Information provided to us by suppliers, persons or entities not affiliated with us and customers in the ordinary course so that we can offer our insurance products and services.
  7. Information you provide to us when you register to access and obtain an electronic service through the internet or our portal.
Information we Disclose

The law provides for situations in which we may share or disclose your personal information. We sometimes share the information described above as permitted by law, with:


  1. MAPFRE Puerto Rico affiliates dedicated to the sale of property, contingency, accident and health insurance.
  2. Other subsidiary or associated companies in the United States and other countries outside the North American continent for purposes of coordinating and managing international products and services under insurance coverage. For example, travel insurance or access to health services in another country.
  3. Service providers such as general insurance agents and adjusters, companies that provide mailing document service; marketing companies that provide us with direct marketing and telemarketing services, just to offer our products, to providers of actuarial studies, to other insurers to carry out insurance transactions.
  4. Administrative agencies, courts or third parties whenever there is an order from the court or any administrative agency with jurisdiction.
Security and Privacy Measures
MAPFRE PUERTO RICO limits access to your personal, financial and health information only to those employees, affiliates, associates or unaffiliated third parties who are permitted by law to disclose such information, that they need to provide you with services and products, or to comply with federal and local laws and regulations that apply to us. In addition, we maintain the physical, administrative and technical security measures necessary to safeguard the security and privacy of your information, as required by law and our Privacy Policy.

Health Information

Your health information will not be disclosed or used without your prior written authorization, except as permitted in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations that apply to us. Federal law does not require us to request your authorization to disclose your information for purposes of processing Payments, facilitating Treatments or Health Care Operations. Another exception that does not require your permission is when we share health information with government agencies that are overseeing the quality of your care. When the need arises to disclose your health information to third parties, you will be sent a form entitled Authorization to Disclose Protected Health Information, which you must return duly completed with your signature and date authorizing the disclosure of your information. For more information on the rights of health plan policyholders, refer to the Technical Training of PRivacidad of Ir r rotegida of Salluded to https://ww2.mapfrehealth.com/publicdocs/privacidad/privacidadES.pdf

Changes to the Privacy Policy

MAPFRE PUERTO RICO reserves the right to modify or amend this Privacy Policy. If material changes are made, we will send to any customer and post somewhere prominent on our website a revised notice describing the modifications and amendments.

Right of Exclusion

MAPFRE PUERTO RICO may, directly or indirectly, disclose your non-public financial personal information to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties, in accordance with the terms expressed above, unless you prohibit us from doing so using the opt-out form notified herein. This right of exclusion shall not apply when MAPFRE PUERTO RICO shares a client’s or consumer’s non-public financial personal information with an affiliate or an unaffiliated third party that provides services to the companies or performs functions on their behalf or when necessary and inherent to carry out, perform, administer or implement, a transaction, or service requested or authorized by you and in such other cases as permitted by applicable law or regulation. MAPFRE PUERTO RICO will require confidentiality agreements from any unaffiliated third party to whom it has the need to disclose your personal information in order to provide you with necessary services and products and maintain your accounts.

MAPFRE PUERTO RICO may share information about its past clients under the same confidentiality policy as it does with its current clients. Information about past customers is retained for as long as required by federal and local laws and applicable regulations.

To exercise your right of exclusion, you may do so by completing and sending us the Request to exercise the Right of Exclusion to the following address: Customer Service Department, MAPFRE PUERTO RICO, P O Box 70333, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-8333. You can also access our www.mapfre.pr address and exercise your right to opt-out.

Exclusion Form